On a recent game drive we set out to track the resident pride of lions, so we headed off to where the last known tracks had been seen. We were looking at a group of giraffe in that area when we heard vervet monkeys giving alarm calls just behind them, this often means that they have seen a predator, we started to circle the block and suddenly had two white rhino popped out of the block in front of us, we were joined by fellow ranger Freedom who had seen some fresh leopard tracks entering the area.We then left our trackers on the spoor while Freedom and I circled the block. Suddenly Freedom reported a lioness with three cubs behind me and after cautioning the trackers by radio to stay put, we followed the lions. The cubs saw the giraffe we looked at earlier and proceeded to give chase, killer instincts already showing! Needless to say the leopard was not seen as it probably heard the lioness call out to find her sister and high tailed it out of the area.


Sebastiaan Janse van Vuuren

Senior Ranger

Kapama Main Lodge

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