A few nights ago we had our first rains for the season. The next morning was crisp and clear. And as we left for game drive, we saw hundreds of birds in the sky. A little while later we came across two Wahlbergs eagles sitting next to a termite mound. After rains, winged termites will emerge from the nest and fly off. They will eventually loose their wings and males and females will join up and find a suitable spot to start their own colony. These Wahlbergs eagles were catching them as they emerged from the nest, and after a while, more birds came to join this feeding frenzy. Hornbills, starlings, drongos, and several others were flying up and down catching the ones missed by the eagles from the air. It was an awesome sighting! It is amazing to see all the thousands of creatures emerging from their winter hide-away.

Maggie – Kapama River Lodge

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