It was a sunny, warm afternoon when we set off on our safari. It was a little quiet so my tracker and I did not expect too much from the drive other than some plains game – such as zebra, giraffe, waterbuck, etc. One of my fellow colleagues, who was driving in the same area, let me know that he had found some leopard tracks.

Chances are not good of finding a leopard by following its tracks as they move around a lot so we would always be one step behind it. Nevertheless, we decided to try our luck. We followed the tracks for quite some time but the guests were enjoying the thrill of following something by means of tracks.

Finally, we found it! A male leopard was lying in a tree so all the guests could get a good view. As we were enjoying the view, we saw another leopard – a male! It chased the other male out of the tree and started fighting for territory until the first male retreated back into the tree.

This was such a rare sighting filled with excitement and action. It was the first time I had ever seen two males at once. I have been blessed to be able to view something so thrilling.

Freedom – River lodge

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