The first rains of the raining season have finally come, raining 27mm over the last 4 days. Although being a bit early this year, it is welcomed by all the animals and even more by all the trees that have been waiting for this the whole dry season.

In about two weeks Kapama will look like a new place, trees will start forming new leaves, grasses will be turning green and even some flowers will start to appear. Not only will this have an affect on the plant growth, it also marks the start of the baby boom as most of the animals are preparing for the new arrivals.

The next few weeks and even months are very exciting for every ranger. Waiting to see the first of the new born babies and to watch how they all grow.

So if you are planning on visiting Kapama within the next few months, prepare yourself for the wonders of all the new life in the bush.

Stefan de Weerd – Kapama River Lodge

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