For the love of the game drive, through the heart of a good man and the experience of nature with all the wild animals and bird life:

Last night we had an amazing sighting of our lions, the one big female with her two sub adults managed to kill a relatively large wildebeest on Nanzaan road on the eastern end of our reserve. We were watching them for a couple of minutes, not very active as their belly’s were full, when all of a sudden one of the sub-adults got up walked straight to the wildebeest and started playing with the carcass.  A couple of minutes later the young male did exactly the same. All guests amazed by what they were seeing. Deciding to leave the lions we were moved to the northern end of the reserve, looking for any exciting night life nature had to offer when all of a sudden my tracker spotted her on a dam wall-a young female leopard with her two cubs. They were playing around on the road while the female moved towards the water for a drink. Another amazing sighting and an evening most will never forget.          

Story by: Freedom Mabunda-Kapama River Lodge Ranger

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