We set of on drive this morning at about 6 am, not knowing what to expect. After about 40 minutes we came across an incredible sighting, which turned out to be one of the best I have had on Kapama.
As we came around one of the bends, BOOM, there’s a lioness dragging a wildebeest kill across the road. We sat there, amazed by what we have just encountered, and also by the strength of the female, just to realize that there’s some cubs with mommy busy making their way towards the meat. The Lioness gave us one good growl, looking at us as if to say this is mine. Another lioness joined in, and we watched 2 females and their young feeding, drinking and playing at the waterhole. After a while the lionesses dragged the kill into the shade, where they all lied down for a nap before starting to feed again a little bit later. We left them in peace, very happy about the amazing experience we just had.

Johan Taljaard (JT) – River Lodge Ranger

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