This morning was really beautiful on our way out on the drive we found some giraffe males busy play fighting while the sun were rising behind them, with the distant call of a Hyena ,that reminded us that the nocturnal nightlife where at a end.

We drove to one of the water holes to see what it holds for us n couple of warthogs was drinking while six hornbills were busy with there mating display calls, when my tracker saw white back vultures in the distance circling. We made our way to that direction.

When we got there after some searching we found a blue wildebeest carcass, it was a lion kill from the previous night abandoned by the lioness a perfect opportunity for scavengers to take over and eat it clean, we pended about 30 min watching while the vultures cleaned every peace of bone, one of the guest said I didn’t expect to see nature this beautiful.

By Richard Venter

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