Giraffe eggs?
I recently had guests visiting South Africa for the first time.
This was their first “safari” ever… we were driving down the road and bumped into a giraffe.
I was explaining to them all the bits and pieces… until I got a question…
“does a giraffe lay eggs”?
I was shocked, and I immediately told them, no they are mammals.
A question like that always makes me laugh….
Like the question I had about two weeks ago, “if leopards live in trees, how do you see their tracks?”
When you have been exposed to the bush and the wildlife, and had the opportunity to grow up in Africa, you take it for granted.
We laugh about silly questions like that.
But, when you actually think about it…. we had the opportunity and the exposure to most of these animals from a very young age.
We should be grateful to be living in such an awesome place, and that we have learned from a young age that giraffe doesn’t lay eggs…. that they are mammals. And that they give birth to live young. And while there are a few giraffe babies at the moment, that we should look at them with new eyes… and appreciate the fact that there isn’t two meter eggs lying around in the bush.

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