As we set off on our afternoon game drive we came across two cape glossy starlings and a squirrel. They we having an argument over a hole in a tree, the birds were dive bombing the squirrel and the squirrel fought back. After a few minutes the argument ended with the squirrel running and falling out of the tree.

We carried on to look for some rhino. We came accross some fresh tracks, and we teamed up with Divan and Harry and proceeded to follow the tracks. After an hour it seemed that we were getting close. As we drove down the road we saw fresh tracks coming out of the bush heading towards a water hole. We made our way to the watering hole where we found a male rhino being lazy, having a mud bath. After a while, he got up and moved off slowly into the bush, only giving us a few minutes of his time. It goes to show that once again team work and patience pays off at the end of the day.

Story by Roan Ravenhill. Kapama River Lodge Ranger

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