The year has almost come to an end and what a year Kapama has had.

Just looking at the last few weeks there have been so many wonderful things that have happened on the reserve, from the birth of a new elephant calf to the addition of a new 800 hectares piece of land expanding the borders of Kapama even further. This new section quickly became a new favorite area for the elephants specifically, being much denser than the other areas they have been roaming around in the last few years, ideal for them to hide the little calf for the first few weeks.

There has also been an amazing sight of a leopard female with three little cubs in this area as well as a young male leopard who has made himself rather comfortable in a vacant territory in one of the older areas, showing a promise in growth with these elusive animals on the reserve.

Although 2012 is now at its end, it does make for the beginning of an extremely promising 2013, where in I’m sure we will experience just as many exciting and fascinating sightings and happenings as with this year.

Fare well 2012 and welcome 2013.

Piet – Kapama River Lodge

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