In the morning game drive we saw a lot of different antelopes grazing is a nice open area. What took our attention was the two male impala that were fighting. At this time of the year this kind of battle is rare; they usually occur in April. As the fight went on we saw something unexpected; a leopard laying flat behind the tall grass. I said to my guests that it is not wise at this time to go closer to the leopard because it looked like he was interested in the two fighting impala – distracted by the fight they were not aware of their surroundings.

As the impala jumped up the leopard moved towards them and when they hit their horns together the leopard stopped and lay flat again. He continued doing this until he was close enough to pounce straight onto one of the impala (approximately seven metres).

Unfortunately, the leopard’s presence was given away by the female impala that were grazing close by the two fighting males. The leopard immediately realized that he had to act quickly if he was going to get away with a meal. He ran towards the impala, taking advantage of their confusion and jumped onto to neck of a female impala. The others never looked back as one of their kind was being suffocated. I did not stay in the sighting for too long as my guests were crying, but afterwards, even they admitted that it was a sighting of a lifetime.

Nelson – Kapama River Lodge

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