We set out on our morning game drive one morning. The guests I had were extremely interested in seeing our dominant male and female lions so, in order to please the guests, our goal was to find their tracks, follow them and, hopefully, find them.

We went to the area of the reserve where the lions are usually seen. Finally, my tracker spotted some tracks in the soft sand. There were clearly two lions – the ones we were looking for! My tracker and I got off the vehicle to see where the tracks were headed. They eventually went into the bush and my tracker decided to go in on foot while I went to let our guests know what was happening.

While waiting for my tracker to come out from the bushes, we heard a noise coming from where the tracker went in. It was the sound of the lions we were looking for. Finally, my tracker came out of the bushes and led us to where the lions were.

The guests were all very happy, and impressed, that we found these two lions for them.


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