It was a week filled with some of the most incredible sightings ever! And it all started with what was supposed to be a relaxed game drive focusing more on the flora than the fauna. As we were busy discussing some trees, one of the other rangers found a female leopard with her cub feeding on an impala very close to where we were. I responded, and we were spoiled to an awesome sighting of mother and youngster taking turns to eat. A herd of buffalo also passed the area, but luckily didn’t interfere with their feast… We stopped for sundowners afterwards, and on our way back to the lodge, came across the four lionesses’ busy hunting. Not even 5 minutes later, they were also feasting on a wildebeest. The next morning brought another leopard with her cub on a kill, as well as great rhino and elephant sightings. On another drive we were so lucky to find the lioness with her two youngsters playing around. The young one’s kept themselves entertained with a poor tortoise that accidentally crossed their path. Great drives for sure!!

By Maggie – River Lodge Ranger

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