At last yesterday afternoon the weather had cleared a bit and took a turn for the better. As we set out for our afternoon safari, it was still a bit overcast, and windy but not nearly as bad as it was that morning. Soon after we left we located a herd of Buffalo lying in the inflow of one of our very scenic dams called Klein Kariba. They were soon joined by two Rhino, but they were a bit skittish and didn’t stick around for too long. We left the area and soon spotted another two White Rhino on the other side of the Munwana River (which is mostly dry during our winter). We left them and after viewing some nice numbers of general game, we stopped for sun-downer drinks.

We set out to find some lions afterwards, as with the bad weather we had this morning they kept themselves scarce and we were on a mission to find at least some of them. We were elated to finally located a small pride after some very intense tracking,  and we could at last show our guests  a big male and female with her previous years’ cubs. We also got word that another female has given birth, but more about that at a later stage when the cubs are old enough to follow up on without freaking them out.

Sebastiaan JV Vuuren

Ranger – Kapama Lodge

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