Another great drive as we found some excellent sightings last night on the Western section of the park. Our elephants decided to put on a show for the new guests in camp providing great sightings for all by feeding, playing and milling around out in the open. Our lone female lioness with the 7-8 month old cubs also decided last night was a great time to laze around the in-flow of a dam, while the cubs played and investigated everything around them .A huge herd of  approximately  300   buffalo had a relaxing swim and an afternoon snack while lightning  highlighted their antics, and in turn provided some excellent photo opertunities for our guests.  Finally 5 of our white rhino came out from our lush green bush to roll around in a dam, also providing great viewing and pictures.

Another great drive at Kapama!
Story by: Noelle Di Lorenzo-Kapama River Lodge Ranger

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