The most intriguing animal of the Lowveld is most definitely the leopard. We have been seeing a certain female for a couple of weeks on a regular basis. Thus, giving us the opportunity to get to know her and leopard behaviour better. While tracking her one morning safari, we were amazed to find out that she was not alone; two sets of extremely small prints accompanied her adult prints. This was great news.

All signs lead to a drainage line, which with its thick vegetation is a perfect hiding place for her to leave the cubs and go hunting. That same afternoon we returned to the area where we had left the tracks, only to find the females tracks coming out. She had hidden the cubs and was on the hunt. So our tracking started again. Soon after spending a bit of time with the tracks we had very good signs of a successful hunt – drag marks crossing the road.

And then, the most amazing sight unfolded. Mother leopard followed closely by her two beautiful cubs walking toward the vehicle. She had successfully hunted a male impala and was bringing the kids to a feast.

Fw de Klerk – River Lodge

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