It was a very hot day and the animals were very active during my afternoon safari. My safari started with a great elephant sighting. The elephants took a nice mud bath whilst drinking and went straight from there to take a dust bath. After the nice cool down they went back to doing what elephants do best and that’s eating. We left the sighting to continue our safari and came accross some dwarf mongoose on the move. We saw a troop of twelve individuals making their way through the bush trying not to draw too much attention to themselves, but we were lucky enough to see them. The general game viewing was great. We stopped and made a toothbrush out of a branch from a Magic Guarri bush and looked at some plants with various medicinal properties. We also encountered a male lion flat out in the middle of the road doing what lions do best – sleeping! It is a lion’s prerogative as the king of the bush to do whatever he wants whenever he wants! Our safari ended on a high note when we found a gecko. I immediately jumped out of the vehicle to try and show the guests and tell them more about it. But I clearly got too close…. the gecko ran straight for me and bit me on the finger and with one girly scream I was finished with the show and tell and we made our way back to the lodge!

Story by Frikkie Kotze, River Lodge Ranger

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