We have been spoilt with another spectacular few days of wildlife sightings around every corner of the reserve.

On this evening’s safari we were fortunate enough to find a small and fairly newly formed pride of lions. This pride consists of a young male, approximately 3 and a half years old, accompanied by three females and three cubs. They have been found and seen on numerous occasions in the Southern region of the reserve. Therefore, I think we should call them the Southern pride!

The females of this pride are all sisters and the cubs are about 5 months old an I am happy to see them doing so well.

After this beautiful sighting, we were fortunate enough to find a young male leopard crossing the road, not too far from where the lions were. This ever-elusive animal just remains to be one of the most beautiful animals around.

As a ranger I am blessed to be able to see and enjoy all these animals and I am glad all of the guests also appreciate this.


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