Last night’s drive started with a sighting of our big herd of buffalo in the south of the reserve. It was still quite hot and they were competing for shade under some acacia trees. They were all very close and shoving each other out of the way to get some space! We were then fortunate enough to see a medley of general game in a big open area; zebras, blue wildebeest, impala and warthog. It was an impressive scene against the beautiful backdrop of the Drakensburg mountain range as the sun was beginning to set over Kapama. Also there perched in the tree tops were some marabou storks, a tawny eagle and a bataleur eagle. There are many hyaena on the reserve. We often see tracks, especially close to areas where the lions have made a kill. And we often get audio at night. But we rarely see them and if we do it is usually a short glimpse. However, tonight we were blessed with an amazing sighting of a male spotted hyena lying beside a mud pan. We spent a lot of time watching him doing not much at all!

This morning we were on a mission to find white rhino and were rewarded with a sighting of a “crash” of 5 rhino – females and their calves. Initially they were in the middle of the bush and we could only see ears and tails. But in cases like this patience is a virtue and after waiting a short while they meandered towards the road for a fantastic photo shoot!melani-017

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