Yesterday we were treated to one of the best elephant sightings I’ve had in a wile. First we came across a beautiful male leopard, proudly marking his territory. A magnificent sight to behold. After this we made our way to Mamba dam towards the central part of the eastern sector of the reserve and found a breeding herd of elephant swimming and rolling in the mud. On the far side of the embankment an elephant cow was creating a mud bath by using her feet to cave in the side of the wallow to make it bigger, when she was happy with the size she delightedly rolled around in her private bath. At a later stage her calf decided to join in the fun as some of the other elephant started crossing the dam with some of the younger ones having to use their trunks as snorkels in the deeper spots.

We then noticed a big buffalo bull approaching, and could almost see the disappointment and surprise in his face as he realized that his favorite waterhole was occupied by un-invited guests. By then there were only two rowdy elephant bulls still left, and the buffalo chanced a quick dip in a mud wallow but was soon unceremoniously chased out. The tables then turned a bit as another whole herd of buffalo came down to the waters edge, proving to much for the elephant bulls to bear and they left probably thinking that they are now outnumbered.

What a great drive it was! We returned to the main lodge anticipating a lovely dinner under African skies.

Sebastiaan Jansen Van Vuuren

Ranger – Kapama Main Lodge

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