Honey badger 1, Lions 0



After driving for the entire morning and afternoon in search of the ever elusive lions, missing them with only a few seconds, I felt like retiring and working in a zoo, now that in it self explains my desperation. Just before returning to the lodge after our afternoon drive, the lions were found, but as luck had it, we missed them by a few seconds. We drove around to the dam, and then luck   came our way. We saw the lioness and the two one and a half year old cubs. Not only being lazy, as they normally are but they tried to catch a honey badger. It was an unbelievable experience. The smell, the sound, the adrenaline pumping and all your senses are working over time. That’s what makes a day of bad luck turn into the most awesome safari ever. The honey badger gave them a go for their money. It is true that dynamite comes in small packages.

P.S: The brave little Honey Badger has lived to see another day! 1 – 0 to the Honey Badger!
Veruchka Jooste

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