This morning we set off on a mission to find the elephants who were last seen towards the south of the reserve. After watching a wonderful sunrise we made our way to the area where they were last seen. On our way we were fortunate enough to see a small pod of hippos basking in the sunshine. We then sat at a beautiful big dam and watched a small herd of bufflao make their way to the water’s edge for a drink. We stayed at the dam long after the buffalos left and did a spot of bird watching. We saw a number of different birds including a big group of white faced ducks, a pair of Egyptian geese and a grey heron busy fishing for breakfast. Soon after some impalas and some waterbuck come to the water to quench their thirst.
We successfully tracked the elephants but initially we were unable to see them because they were static deep inside the bush. So knowing patience is a virtue in this instance we stayed in the area, listening to the breaking branches and seeing an ear or a bottom every once in a while! It is amazing how something so huge and immense can sometimes be so challenging to see. We stopped for a quick coffee and to stretch our legs. Whilst drinking coffee we saw a big group of blue wildebeest playing in an open area in the distance. They were later joined by a mother and baby giraffe. After coffee we returned to the area of the elephants. By listening to the breaking branches inside the bush we could ascertain in which direction the elephants were headed. This time our patience was rewarded as the whole herd crossed the road one by one in front of us. It was well worth all the hard work and patience and we returned to the lodge with big smiles all around!

Story by Sarah-Estelle Sangster, Ranger

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