We welcomed a group of Italian guests yesterday at Main lodge. On our first safari we encountered fresh lion tracks and followed. Soon the eagle eyes of my tracker, Respect spotted them next to a water hole, we were treated to an amazing sighting of the two females with the three cubs drinking water. The Lion’s bellies were straining at the seams so we were speculating on what they had killed?

On the afternoon safari we again encountered the lions but accompanied by the dominant male, he soon left the females and cubs to feed on his own stashed kill, an impala under a bush. On drinks stop close to where we found the females that morning we saw vultures nearby and investigated, what we found was the remains of an impala finished off by the lions, generally you don’t find lions preying on impala as a rule but they are opportunists by nature. The following morning we had a very brief sighting of a male leopard and also a huge black Mamba coiled in a tree, this snake is the most feared in Africa but on this day it was very relaxed.


Dean Robinson

Head Ranger

Kapama Main Lodge

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