Today was once again another remarkable day in the bush. The sun was shining warm on everyone’s faces and the slight breeze was just enough to keep it from being to hot.
The animals were also in a good mood and they provided us with some great sightings.

The stars of this evening however were the shyer more secretive nocturnal creatures. We we’re lucky enough to have seen a porcupine, two civets and a genet tonight. All dressed fabulously in black and white. Something you will often find with animals that are either poisonous or dangerous in some or other way.

Warning Colouration (Aposematic) is a form of “advertising”. The warning signal may take the form of conspicuous colours, sounds, or odours. Both the predator and prey benefits from this, both avoid potential harm. Aposematic signals are usually visual and the colours are bright and contrasting. It is a sign that warns to stay away or else you might get hurt.

That just proves ones again that everything in nature is the way it is for a specific reason. We might mix and match what we wear to suit our own personal taste but for some creatures out there, their black and white outfit can be a real life saver!

Marilize Minnaar

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