Kapama’s Community Passion Project

Nov 15, 20212 comments

 Kapama Private Game Reserve’s passion not only lies with wildlife conservation and the love of our Country, but also with helping previously disadvantaged communities living in the vicinity of our Reserve. We greatly value the development of our youth and our focus over the past few years has been on children in need of basic requirements: Care, support, education, developmental skills, as well as just a helping hand. 

Kapama Private Game Reserve’s community projects are committed to helping our communities in meaningful ways. One initiative that remain close to our hearts is the work being done at Makwetse School in Acornhoek in collaboration with Eco Children.

EcoChildren is a non-profit organisation focused on hands-on environmental education and whole school development. EcoChildren works with schools in and around Bushbuckridge as well as Acornhoek in the Limpopo Province to improve the level of schooling and give local children a chance to escape the shackles of poverty.

Kapama makwetse school 2

Before COVID, guests visiting Kapama had an opportunity to spend a morning with the Grade R’s children at Makwetse and engage in a number of class-based and outdoor activities focused on developing important developmental skills.

With lockdown and the pandemic, guests could not visit the school as certain restrictions were in place to ensure the safety of students and guests a like. 

Last week Kapama was excited to share this experience with guests once again. A family visiting from Dublin spend an exciting and busy morning with the Grade R’s out on the playground as well as in the eco gardens at the school.

The Eco Village consists of a large vegetable garden that demonstrates to learners the principles of food production and sustainability and contributes to the school feeding scheme. Any surplus can be made available to the local community, also educating them on its importance. 

Kapama eco gardens

Before departing for their South African trip, the Gray family arranged with their community back home in Dublin, to donate valuable school supplies, much needed by not only the grade R’s but also children in higher grades at Makwetse School.

The family and children had a wonderful day of learning, arts and crafts and outdoor activities. Thanks to the Gray family, the library at the school is filled with a great collection of books for the children to enjoy.

kAPAMA makwetse school

We are very excited that we can once again share our passion project with our guests and support the children at Makwetse. 

If you would like to get involved please feel free to contact our Community Officer Trichia Jacobs via email at [email protected] for more information, or visit our Community projects – here

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 It’s time to renew your soul in the African bush, we are ready to welcome you back and give you an experience to last a lifetime!


  1. Samkeliso Nkwanyane

    So good to see you giving back to the community. I wish many establishments can do that.

    • Nicole Walker

      Hi Samkeliso

      Thanks so much for the message.

      Kind regards


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