On this mornings game drive we headed out with one intention, and one intention only!! To find lions. We were under a bit of pressure as we  had guests checking out today that hadn’t had a good sighting yet.


Luckily shortly after leaving the lodge, we stumbled across some spoor of the lions from late the previous evening… a good sign so far, and we could feel the excitement levels starting to build from our group of American students!


We decided to drop off the trackers hoping that they would be able to find the lions for us wile tracking them on foot!


We left our trackers to do what they do best, and decided to head of and see what we manage to find on our own while they were busy. They normally contact us on the radio if they do manage to find anything.


While waiting for them we managed to find a herd of elephants browsing on some trees, with a new little calf running around at their feet… always a treat to see young animals at play. After leaving the herd of elephants we still hadn’t heard anything from the trackers, so carrying on we found a crash of 6 rhino. It is also always fantastic to see a group of rhino together!


With still no word from the trackers, we all decided to stop for a cup of hot chocolate as it was cold and raining and we could feel the anticipation mount as we were waiting to hear from them, still out trying to track down some lions..


After a nice coffee stop we got going again, just in time to hear the good news from our trackers! They had found the lions…  one lioness with 3 eighteen month old cubs. As you would expect we headed straight there and were blessed with an awesome sighting of the cubs playing with their mother and investigating everything they see!


After spending some time with them and with smiles on the guests faces we headed back to the lodge for a well earned breakfast!


Thanks to the trackers for making it an awesome safari for us!



Head Ranger

Kapama Main Lodge


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