It is funny how often it happens when guests check out that there is always that one animal you so badly want to show to the guests, and you have one drive left to do it in, equally funny is how it almost always turn out perfectly.

This morning was one of those, and we left the lodge with one mission…. Finding  Elephants! We headed towards the south of the reserve to see if we could pick up on  tracks from a herd that frequents this part of the reserve. It didn’t take to long for us to find the fresh signs and followed it towards the inflow of  Klein Kariba Dam. We finally saw them and had a fantastic sighting. Then suddenly everything just started happening all at once! With big smiles on our faces we just sat back and saw Buffalo, Rhino and Giraffe coming to the same waterhole at the same time. 

It was quite surprising to see all of these species joining each other at the waterhole, and we found it very interesting how the elephants wasn’t bothered by the buffalo and rhino, but kept chasing the giraffe away. Maybe they felt “inferior” knowing giraffe are much “higher” than them… who knows what is going on in their minds?

We sat there for quite a wile, and after this very interesting and unexpected sighting we dicided that it is time for our morning coffee and left the area knowing that our mission for this morning was complete.

Jeffrey Mmadi – Kapama Lodge Ranger