Last night’s drive got off to a fantastic start with a rare and precious sighting of a very relaxed male leopard that we call Clara Male. He has very distinctive different coloured eyes, with one having a very cloudy appearance. This leopard has a huge home range and has been seen as far away as Orpen. According to our sources he is blind in one eye. He is unusually relaxed and has a curious nature. He was scent marking the area and then posed for a photo on top of a termite mound! Even a punctured vehicle tyre did not seem to put him off his show as he stopped to lie down for a rest near the vehicle!

At dusk we were lucky enough to see a large herd of buffalo at a watering hole drinking harmoniously with a female white rhino and her calf….at least until the young rhino decided to have a tussle with a buffalo cow who ran away distinctively unimpressed!


General plains game today was plentiful – and a young guest on my vehicle was particularly excited to see a mischief of Vervet monkeys doing what they do best…..being very naughty!

Ranger Story: Sarah-Estelle Sangster (Kapama River Lodge Ranger)

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