Another fantastic day has passed at Kapama Private nature reserve with fantastic sightings that would be hard to beat as well as fantastic weather. The afternoon drive was drawing to a close when Andrew, one of the Kapama rangers suggested that we head back to camp via Tamboti loop. So, Andrews advice was heeded and we headed back to camp via the sloot. As night fell we headed out and there lying on the side of the road was a majestic young male leopard, a sight that will always take your breath away. We watched the leopard for about 10minutes and then he slowly crept away and disappeared as they always do into the bush. Now this was a special sighting as leopards are very shy and secretive animals, which makes them difficult to find. Being solitary cats makes it even more difficult. Leopards will prey on any animal from kudu to francolin, they are extremely opportunistic, nocturnal animals. A sight like this is hard to forget. And there ends another day at Kapama.

Story written by Joshua, Kapama Ranger

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