Last night my guests, tracker, and I experienced one of the best sightings I have ever had. We responded to a leopard that had been seen not far from where we were headed. As we approached my guests and I were excited, as anyone would be, upon realizing that not only was it a beautiful female leopard but that she was out in the open and VERY relaxed. We stopped not far from her and slowly edged forward. As we did this she crouched down and bunched all of her muscles tightly peering at something in front and to our left, so I stopped the vehicle and we waited speaking occasionally in whispers. For ten minutes or so we watched her get lower and lower until she was barely off the ground. Then she inched slowly forward, intent on something still unseen in a bush ahead. Then she pounced! Amid a high pitched scream my guests and I remained speechless as it slowly sunk in that not only had we seen a kill, but we had a seen a leopard kill, and it was only two meters from us! Just as I was getting my excitement under control enough to start explaining to my guests just how she killed and how she would eat, out of nowhere charged three female lions. They growled and two chased the leopard off fast into the night. We tried best we could to follow but only a hundred meters or so away the lionesses gave up. We followed them back to the scene of the kill and there was the third lioness chomping away on the half dead full grown female duiker. The duiker was just letting out it’s final death squeal as the lions fought over who would finish it off. One of the sub-adult females won and my guests, tracker, and I sat and watched her devour it. A once in a life time event! Great night again at Kapama!
Story by : Noelle Dilorenzo-Kapama River Lodge Ranger

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