img_29911I had guests for three days, and all they were missing after their 4th drive was the elusive leopard! So we went out the afternoon looking for them! Leopards are mainly alone as male and female have their own territory and only seen together when mating!

There were 2 rangers that followed a male and female leopard tracks the morning that were walking together in a very rough terrain, and they had to give up after 2 hours of searching! So we decided we will try our luck in the area, Give my tracker found some tracks of the 2 leopard on the road walking up and down. So we went drove around the area. There they were male and female lying in the shade! They were a bit nervous as they walked off on our approach! We had 3 long glimpses of them and a lot of audio as the two were busy mating! All my guests were happy and so we went off on our new adventure!

Story by: Hendrik Erasmus-Kapama River Lodge Ranger

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