Yesterday on the evening safari, we had the privilege of viewing the herd of elephant at one of the waterholes (eland dam). An amazing sighting in itself.

While we were in the sighting of the elepants, my tracker, Willy took a look around, while I concentrated on the elephants. To his utter surprise he caught a quick glimpse of a young leopard known to us as Imbilo with her mother who is regularly seen in this area.

The word “Imbilo” means “heart”. This particular leopard is name as such because of the heart shape that her spots form on her forehead just between the eyes.

Imbilo is estimated to be just over 1 years old and we are hoping to see much more of her in the future!

As one may well imagine, this turned into a marvelous sighting. Imagine, 2 Leopards and a large herd of elephants all in one night. Amazing!

Once the elephants had moved off, we decided to follow the Leopards for a while, to see what they were up to? We didn’t have long to wait and discovered that the had killed a young impala ram nearby and had come to the water for a drink to quench their thirst.

As they say, nature is full of surprises, and boy was this a surprise that nobody expected!

Till next time!

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