We had a wonderful safari before the sun went down as we saw a lot of animals that are usually rare to see, especially during the day. When we started our safari, my tracker spotted an aardvark coming out of a hole inside a termite mound – we both smiled at one another because one of our guests had just been asking about this secretive creature. We were also happy because, even us as rangers, are excited when such sightings occur.

Unfortunately, we could not get great photos as it ran away from us – as shy as these animals are if they are spotted during the time of day.

As we continued driving, we were surprised by some bush pigs. I think they were more surprised by our presence as they bolted into the thickets.

Even though none of the big five were seen, it was still a good drive. Seeing the rare creatures of Africa has its benefits.

John – Kapama River Lodge

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