Starting off with an early wake up, a quick coffee and we are off on drive, out to see what we can find. This past week sightings have been top notch, some of the days have been a bit windy and cold, but that did not stop us from going out to find animals. On one afternoon we set out on our mission- a leopard and her two cubs, they were in a tough area to get into but we managed to get a visual, and then we heard a leopard call, and just in a flash they vanished. Really disappointed that we lost visual I decided to drive around to see if we could see them again, and my tracker Freddy spotted them. All three of them came out of the bush and walked across the road in front of us, and then the two cubs full of energy started playing, climbing up trees, getting up to no good, and the mother gave a call as if to say, you two stop fooling around and lets go. From the time we saw them the first time till we left them. It took almost an hour, just to show patience- pays off. Was really an amazing sighting, and look forward to many more.

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