Life out in the Bushveld is still as rewarding as ever. Just today I had yet another amazing game drive. My hope was to find the elephants and the pride of lions and we were lucky enough to do just that. We had amazing sightings of both animals. The elephants just walked right past my vehicle, eating and not having a care in the world. And above all, there were very young elephant calves playing around, not yet knowing how their trunks work.

Then from there we made our way to where the lions were last seen and luckily they were still in the area. Once again, the placement of the vehicle couldn’t have been any better. The lionesses and the cubs walking and playing in front of us; the cubs were falling all over and tackling each other. And to top it all off, one of my guests remembered a tree I had pointed out to them and we probably spent about 5 minutes looking at the tree and taking photos of it. This was their first ever safari experience and I believe I made them fall in love with the bushveld.

Jakes – Kapama River Lodge

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