The choice is yours. To live a better life comes from the choices we make. We are very often fortunate enough to be given a chance to further ourselves, whether in a relationship, financially or more importantly in our careers.

Most recently I was blessed with the opportunity to move from being a tracker to becoming a ranger. Most people don’t realize that there is in fact a difference between the two careers. The studies we must undergo are completely different in each line of work. Being a tracker is a thrilling experience as there is no greater feeling of accomplishment when you finally find something you have been searching for. But the opportunity to become a ranger and experience a new side to this industry was one I could not refuse. I am grateful to Kapama for the opportunity to further myself, my knowledge and skills in this career.

As a ranger we get to experience different things such as working more intimately with guests and people interaction. Not only are we involved with the animals but with people as well. Often times can get tough especially in cases where guests struggle to speak English and we are forced to find other ways to communicate the wonders of the bush to them. Also sometimes guests come from very different worlds and might not necessarily have much in common with each other, and it can then become a challenge to entertain and keep all parties satisfied in their safari experience.

One thing I’ve learned through these experiences is that the beauty of this job is not always to overload with information, but to enjoy the serenity of the environment around us.

Good comes from joy in what we do.

Harry – Kapama River Lodge

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