It is with great relief and excitement that we are able to report that at least one from our new litter of lion cubs are still alive and well.  This is probably the most vulnerable time in a lion cub’s life as they are very prone to predation and all sorts of difficulties at this tender age.

The sighting itself required a pair of binoculars as the lions were on the edge of a gully some distance away when the cub (approx 5 weeks old) made a brief appearance before disappearing into the long grass again.  Cubs this young appear almost black in colour as their markings (blotches and spots) are still bold and grouped very close together, helping to enhance their ability to hide wile the mother is away from the den. Although we only saw this one cub briefly we are positive that the others are also still around and hopefully, doing well.

From here onwards we hope to have more regular sightings of the cub or cubs, and will get some photos to post here as soon as possible.

Keep your fingers crossed.

Westley Lombard – Kapama Lodge Ranger

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