I just like to give an update, on the Lion cubs that were born in the Eastern Section of Kapama, a few weeks ago!

Recently over the past week, we hadn’t seen or heard anything from the tiny cubs, which started to cause some panic for the Rangers here at the Kapama Main Lodge! We thought that they hadn’t made it, which often happens with Lion Cubs (roughly only 20% of lion cubs make it to the age of only 2 years)

Then 2 days ago, we were following the male Lion through the bush, when suddenly! His attitude changed from being the relaxed Lion that we know, to being an intimidating foe! After a few seconds one of the Lionesses joined him in a extreemely aggressive display of parenthood!

It was then that we realized that this was the new location of the 3 cubs, as one of the cubs being curious, left the safe den site to come inspect what all the fuss was about.

It was a great relief to all the rangers at the lodge, when they heard that we had found the cubs!

We will keep you updated on all future activities concerning the cubs!

Till next time!

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