What an exciting game drive! After a rather frustrating morning tracking our big male lion and loosing visual rather quickly as he holed himself up for the afternoon in thick bush, we were finally rewarded in the afternoon. The adult male and two of our adult females, chased from their napping area by irate buffalos, headed south across an open plain. The females, out in front, started looking for anything interesting as the male sent marked, rolled in buffalo dung, and lazily followed behind. Then, ears laid back, muscles bunched, and tales slightly twitching the lionesses pounced. (Lion’s claws, when extended, are designed specifically to get stuck in the flesh of their prey so as not to loose their lunch after the expenditure of so much energy.)

The male, having watched from a safe distance away so as not to give up the game with his rather large and dark mane, then proceeded to commander the still alive and struggling warthog from the females. After twenty minutes of riveting action and much squealing, the warthog finally succumbed to death, as being half eaten by hungry lions will normally result in such a thing.

Guests happy…lions full…fantastic drive! Well maybe not for the unfortunate warthog…

In other news, the skies are clear and the weather is warmer. We are also proud to have a new addition to our Kapama family…a very wobbly and adorable elephant calf!

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