Earlier this week me and my guests were very lucky indeed. As we found our dominant male lion and a lioness we noticed they were hunting. A quick scan around told that they were eying some warthog not even 15 meters away. It all went down very quickly after that with as an end result a warthog piglet firmly grasped by the lioness. Very quickly she silenced her prey, so it will not attract the unwanted attention of other predators, including the male.

The male in the mean time went after his own prey but missed. As we stayed with the female she became very quiet and took her kill into a thicket and kept looking around quite anxiously, she was looking out for the male. Eventually he came back and started looking for her as he did hear her make a kill. In the end he found her and even though she tried he managed to steal her kill from her leaving her with nothing. In lion society the biggest and strongest one get the best and most food, so the lioness had to go on and try again. A very interesting sighing with plenty of action.

By: Roel van Muiden – River Lodge Ranger

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