We decided in the afternoon to try look for the pride of lions that hadn’t been seen for a few days as they were last seen in a new area in the reserve called lerato. It has only been open for the past month so it is hard to tell where you are; we all are still learning the roads. So I drove around looking for any fresh tracks.

After about an hour my tracker Give told me to stop. He got off the tracker’s seat and told me to have a look. Finally we got fresh tracks so we started to follow the. After a while the tracks disappeared into a thick block, too thick to follow on foot safely so we went around the block to see if we could find any tracks coming out but nothing. We were just about to give up when Give said that he heard something so I stopped to see if I could hear it too. Unfortunately, I heard nothing so decided to leave the area. As we turned around a corner, there they were walking in a dry river bed; what a surprise! We got them


Bryan – Kapama River Lodge

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