After a few days of persistent bad weather, everyone was happy when the sun finaly broke through late yesterday afternoon.


First we encountered some rhino on the afternoon game drive, which was good news as rhino do not seem to like the cold weather; and we had seen none thus far.


While tracking the breeding herd of Cape buffalo, things took an exciting turn! As we got closer to the buffalo we suddenly heard the roar of our resident male lion, with the herd buffalo headed straight towards him!


There are normally no love lost between these two species. A lioness also suddenly darted out of the bush accompanied by fierce growling and moved out of the area as fast as her legs could carry her!


A wile later we heard a lot of angry growling in the bushes close to us, and much to our surprize  found the male lion precariously balanced in the fork of a big Weeping Boer bean tree! “A lion in a tree?”


The lion was growling fiercely, but knew he had no chance being surrounded by about seventy angry buffalo. He managed to escape unharmed a bit later into the evening! Even the King of the jungle has to swallow his pride sometimes in the interest of survival!


Sebastiaan Janse van Vuuren

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