One evening, while out on a night drive, we were fortunate enough to see our biggest pride of 13 lions. There was quite a commotion and they seemed to be concentrating hard on whatever they were doing. They seemed to be teasing a honey badger. We watched in awe as the battle continued for almost an hour. Honey badgers are notorious for being quite feisty, and full of bravado, as well as being strong and tenacious. There have been reports of them fighting with buffalo and male lions, and they do tend to bite at the scrotum of the enemy.
In the Kalahari, a honey badger was bitten by a very venomous snake (a Cape Cobra). The Honey Badger was out for a few minutes, before it got up and moved off.
Our lion pride eventually gave up the fight that night, as they could see they were fighting a losing battle.

Story by Clive (River Lodge)

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