dsc_0027No matter how many times you see new-borns on drive, it is always a thrill. The other night my guests and I were fortunate enough to have a fantastic sighting of one of our adult lionesses with her two month old cub. They were very relaxed with our presence, and gave us quite a show out in the open playing, allo-grooming and being just plain cute. My guests were on their first safari ever, and this is the type of sighting you wish for as a guide for any guests, especially first timers. The lioness was also calling all the time for her other two cubs. We have only seen her twice before, right after the birth, and about two weeks ago after she moved the cubs. Unfortunately, no other cubs appeared, but that is nature and one of the reasons why the big cats tend to have so many in a litter, mainly to guarantee that at least one survives. Shortly after this wonderful sighting we came upon our lone lioness with the nine month old cubs. These two are growing more and more every time I see them and they also gave us a great sighting – chasing each other around, jumping on their mother, and being kids.

Story by:Noelle Di Lorenzo-Kapama River Lodge Ranger