img_3873_11_1Today we decided we would go and look for a leopard as it was the only big animal my guests haven’t seen. There were some light drizzles of rain so I thought it would be a quiet day!

We went a long a road that had a couple of mud pans and only after 20 minutes drive we found 3 female white rhino sleeping next to the mud hole that woke up on our arrival. There was one big female and 2 sub adult females. it is not to unusual to see a group of rhino, but most of the time it is either a territorial male that walks alone or a fully grown female with a calf. When new calfs are born the females will chase away the older one and then they will look for new company, and that’s what we found 2 youngsters walking with a new older companion.

As we left the sighting we found fresh tracks of a female lioness as we followed them we came across three 2years old lionesses. The previous day they were found quite far from our location with an older female and another 2year old. As we found the 3 females the king of the jungle was found walking from their previous location. It seemed that he did not like the young females to join the older one so he chased them away and the 5 lionesses split up in smaller groups.

Story by: Hendrik Erasmus –Kapama River Lodge Ranger

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