We have been having rain on and off for almost two weeks now. It is unusual to have so much rain so late in the season but it will keep the veld green and thriving farther into winter. Even with all the rain, and thus no off-roading for our cats, we have been having great sightings. My guests and saw two Spotted Hyena and four Lionesses the other evening and ended with a brief sighting of Mbilo’s, (one of our best Leopards), last remaining cubs.

The following morning saw us tracking and finding one of our very pregnant White Rhinos and her older calf followed by an exciting sighting of our large male Lion chasing two of our sub-adult Lions around until he was to tired to carry on and laid down in the middle of the road panting. Last night was filled with trees and birds of all sorts and even with the heavy drizzle we came across a large Journey of Giraffe, another female Rhino and her calf and topped off with a very pleasurable sighting of Mbilo’s cub jumping around, playing, and stalking a herd of Buffalo.

 This morning we were blessed with more Buffalo and a relaxing visual of half of our herd of Elephants browsing and playing. We stumbled upon a female Ground Hornbill trying to feed her youngster a snail she had broken out of the shell and finished off the cold windy morning with a great viewing of an Osprey.

By: Noelle DiLorenzo – River Lodge Ranger

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