Some days Africa can give you everything and other days it gives you nothing as if to say hold on that’s enough, you need to work a little harder! Another thing Africa does is teach you never to rush anything and to let the wildlife come to you on their own time and own terms! After finding not a trace after looking for lion tracks for 2 hours was enough to make most people loose heart but knowing how Africa runs or works made us try one more time! 19:25 – almost time to head back and there in the middle of an open plain are the 3 lions we had been searching for, we spent the next 30min out in the open, lights of f relaxing with 3 magnificent creatures! And to top it all off a huge thunderstorm was building to the north with magnificent lightening bolts and thunder to make an even beautiful scene much more beautiful! So, it just shows you if you wait a little bit longer, most of the time you will be rewarded even if it takes a little longer.

By: Josh Beaton – River Lodge Ranger

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