What do most guests always dream of witnessing? Yes that once in a lifetime opportunity to witness lions making a kill. Last night there were guests who had the opportunity to see two lionesses kill a buffalo. It was a relatively large female buffalo who had hurt her leg and was already vulnerable as a result of this. She was also too far from the other buffalo in the herd and the lionesses took full advantage of this.

There is a lot of mixed emotion that is usually attached to witnessing a “kill” and this varies from person to person.  Some people think it is really awesome to watch the whole event as is occurs and hearing the animal sounds coming from both the lions and the animal they are attacking. Others understandably feel sorry for the buffalo and often sit there watching with their ears blocked or eyes shut. And then there those that can’t bare to see the sight of blood and want to go home and not watch at all.
But in the end when everyone returns to the lodge again they are happy and proud to say that they saw two lionesses kill a buffalo.

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