The last few days worth of game drive have included some fantastic sightings. Yesterday morning my guests and I were treated to two sub-adult Lions, one male and one female, sitting on a termite mound in the early morning sun posing for pictures. Several White Rhino were also encountered along with one lone Hippo and numerous amounts of Plains Game.

Last night, we tracked and viewed the herd of Elephants, leaving them only as the sun was setting in a brilliant orange glow. We then made our way up to view some Leopard, but as we got there they disappeared. For about thirty minutes we methodically and slowly circled the block until they got curious and came out to have a look. The young female Leopard stalked a Warthog in its den and then proceeded to eat what was left of a juvenile Impala kill while her brother dozed in the bushes.

This morning the same two Leopard treated us to a lengthy show of tag, hunting, and lazily meandering about until their mother called from the bushes and they ran off in search of her. Some refreshing coffee and hot chocolate was the enjoyed by the guests and we were off again in search of the male Lion who had been evading us for days. We were lucky enough to get to view him as he rested, walked, nuzzled the female, scent marked, and chased Impala.

As we made our way back to the lodge for breakfast a young male Hippo came strolling out of the bushes busy with his morning meal. What a fantastic few drives on Kapama!

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