On yesterday evenings’ safari, we were at one of the water holes close to the lodge, when we noticed a large group of vultures in the trees a few hundred meters away from where we were. We figured that there may be a kill in the area and me and one of the other rangers on drive decided that it might be worth our wile investigating.

We searched the area and with the help of our knowledgeable trackers, we came across a pride of lions feasting off a small giraffe calf.

This baby couldn’t have been more than a month old! Great for the lions but a sad for the poor calf and mother!

The female giraffe keeps a small distance from her young, most of the time for its protection as predators would see her before the youngster, but this could also be a drawback when the lions discover the youngster and mom is to far away or late to help!

Now that our young lions are getting bigger, at an age of roughly 15months, we expect the pride to be catching more of the larger species on a regular basis to feed all the hungry mouths!

After a brilliant safari we returned to the lodge, where we were serenaded by the male lion roaring to announce his territory to the other males in the surrounding areas, while we ate dinner under the African sky!

Yet another fantastic day in the African bush on Kapama Game Reserve.

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